mobileVision’s Digital 12 CDO Agenda Survey

Executive Summary
Our mV insights CDO Digital-12-Agenda Survey 2018  reviewed CDO’s status along mobileVision’s CDO agenda pyramid. While good progress has obviously been made, the results also show that in early 2018 there remains a lot to be done on the way to a successful digital transformation!

  • Digital visions and strategies are often neither disruptive nor comprehensive enough. Management is not sufficiently committed to and organizations do not fully understand their digital vision and strategy. In many cases these should be revisited and overhauled.
  • Digital offices have been set up, digital initiatives are being executed and digital skills are being added. However, the value realized through these initiatives is often seen as disappointing and felt not to be significant. The value creation realized through digital initiatives and projects needs to be improved to power a successful digital transformation.
  • Digital transformation is expected to significantly impact organization and processes. Execution is lagging with significant work and challenges in process digitization and organization changes as well as corresponding change management ahead.
  • The CDO role is often neither fully empowered nor understood. Management needs to think through and fully endorse the position while filling the role with the right talent. Otherwise, many CDOs will fail against the high expectations.
  • Successful CDOs will need to step up the digital transformation of their businesses. The CDO should demand and ensure sufficient empowerment. Inspirational leadership is required to ensure support and excitement; collaborative leadership will be needed in working with many other stakeholders across the organization.

Overview Findings Infographic 2018 OPTION

APIs – The Heroes of Digital Business



APIs are the connective fabric in today’s digital ecosystems. For companies who know how to develop an API strategy and implement and leverage them, they can cut costs, improve efficiency – and open new pathways to innovation and growth!

APIs have been around for many years, but until recently they have largely treated as IT artefacts and a niche interest to programmers.  In fact, APIs are one of these key foundational technologies that makes digital business possible and prosperous. APIs enable smart new ways of interacting with customers, expanding existing channels, allow businesses to monetize data, forge new profitable partnerships for digital services and innovation.

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