What is it like to work at mobileVision?

mobileVision is growing fast and always seeking world-class talents in the mobile & internet space. We’re looking to hire people who are also passionate to become the entrepreneurs of new, big opportunities.

What makes a great mobileVision-er?

Innovation power distinguishes a leader from a follower. There is no established model for a great innovator, but there are some signposts as to whether you’re the person capable of moving mountains to get to the big idea rolling.


  • Can you share your vision, ideas and intentions to get everyone on the same page?
  • Can you mix creativity with business acumen and flawless attention to detail?
  • Can you take the kernel of an idea and turn it into a compelling proposition capable of raising investment interest in the space of a few weeks?
  • Can you be the powerhouse for the business in project management and delivery?
  • Do you know when it’s time for debate and when it’s time for action?
  • Can you lead others to get bold new initiatives executed?
  • Do you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Is your expertise distinct?
  • And: Are you used to working hard – and fast?


Apply for this position

If you would like to apply for this position or any other with mobileVision, please email Klaus at k.vondenhoff[at]mobilevision-group.com 


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