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Mobile Financial Services

Mobile Financial Services have made massive inroads in the unbanked world and services are about to enter the first world. But when will e.g. mobile payment finally take off  in the sophisticated European and US banking environments? The idea of paying on-the-go with a few keystrokes on the phone, scanning a barcode, or simply waving a smartphone at a checkout register certainly sounds attractive. However, when will consumers and retailers overcome the cost and security concerns and embrace this?

Around the globe, we see few significant successes but hundreds of failed attempts to introduce  mobile payment and mobile wallets – by start-ups as well as some big corporations, ranging from retailers to telcos, banks and other financial institutions., Getting it right, achieving fast adoption and monetizing it really is cruicial.


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mobileVision team members have made some major contributions to a number of mobile financial services initiatives launched in Europe and the US. We also supported some of the most advanced and promising mobile payment and mobile wallet concepts, which focus on addressing real customer needs while reducing complexity. We develop executable strategies, lead proposition and product development, acquire the eco-systems and execute product launch projects.

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Digital Commerce

On Black Friday 2013 – the Friday following Thanksgiving and the beginning of the top-selling Christmas shopping season – one out of every four dollars spent online at retail websites came from a mobile device. For retailers who had already embraced mobile, it was a day of celebration, a culmination of their hard work and foresight. For retailers who did not get their share of the mobile revenue pie, it was the bitter wake-up call: push on with your digital program, or your consumers will leave you behind and swap to your competitors!


[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”> More about Digital Commerce”] [ut_alert color=”grey”]Digital Commerce – the convergence of mobile, online and in-store commerce – will significantly change consumer behaviour and will transform the traditional retail business into a completely new ecosystem. For the players involved, especially retailers, digitization will become a strategic priority to (1) protect their core business and (2) apply existing capabilities to new areas. In this respect, they will have to address the relevant challenges and opportunities as they unfold at rapid intervals:

  • Create a coherent cross-channel thinking and culture to bridge offline vs. online shopping
  • Establish seamless commerce by integrating online, mobile and social media components with smart stores
  • Generate additional customer benefits through engaging experiences driving customer interaction and loyalty
  • Increase customer value, using analytics of real-time consumer behaviour data
  • Develop and launch innovative products and sustainable business models
  • Optimize and integrate the complex technical and processes for digital commerce innovations (incl. iBeacon, NFC, BLE and QR codes)
[/ut_alert] [/ut_toggle] [ut_toggle title=”> Our Competencies”] [ut_alert color=”grey”]mobileVision is working extensively with service providers, telcos and retailers on analyzing these game-changing trends and the influencing digital commerce KPIs. Based on dedicated toolkits for evaluating the player’s specific capabilities, we have guided and accelerated successful implementations of sophisticated yet practical solutions in digital commerce initiatives across Europe and the US.[/ut_alert] [/ut_toggle] [ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_half_last] [/ut_tab][ut_tab title=”Smart Technologies” id=”t3″] [ut_one_half] [ut_animate_image margin_bottom=”40″ image=”” align=”left”] [/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last]

Smart Technologies

Connected devices are transforming an isolated element and single product purchase into a solution and services which generate recurring revenues. The core Internet of Things (IoT) value, however, will be created in the new services related to these devices. And this is just the beginning. Ubiquitous networks and device proliferation enable access to an exploding amount of traditionally silo-ed data; and Big Data engines, business intelligence tools and data science will allow for tapping into totally new pools of value – in real time!

Whether you are a corporation which is enhancing its products with an IoT offering, already a smart product company or a telco or utilitiy, a steady stream of new IoT proposition launches could propel your business dramatically and add to your growth story!


[ut_toggle title=”> Our Competencies”] [ut_alert color=”grey”]mobileVision brings the market and technology expertise, as well as a clear vision for unlocking the mass market potential from IoT.

We are helping our clients, especially smart product companies, telcos, utilities or system providers to mobilize resources and steer the right path within the constantly-shifting industry boundaries.[/ut_alert] [/ut_toggle] [/ut_one_half_last] [/ut_tab][ut_tab title=”Digital Transformation” id=”t4″] [ut_one_half] [ut_animate_image margin_bottom=”20″ image=”” align=”left”] [/ut_one_half] [ut_one_half_last]

Digital Transformation

It is not enough simply ‘being online’ – each business must embrace the digital revolution, or else your business will not stay relevant! As the world goes 5G, state-of-the-art business propositions must fully embrace mobility. A rigorous assessment of our clients’ business reveals the opportunities and threats from the digital world of Web 4.0. We identify what is needed to transform the traditional business, either by building on new technologies and platforms for entire new businesses or by enhancing the ‘bricks-and-mortar’ business so that new or additional revenue growth can be achieved.

Businesses need to think about and recognize why they want to be more prolific online or via mobile, and the benefit(s) which will flow once that aim has been achieved.
[ut_togglegroup] [ut_toggle title=”> Our Competencies & Approach”] [ut_alert color=”grey”]mobileVision’s ‘Digital Readiness and Transformation Audit’ (DigiRTA) is an approach for gaining significant cost savings, new revenues and customer engagement by digital means. It is designed to audit, boost and transform processes in marketing, sales and customer service.[/ut_alert] [ut_alert color=”grey”] DigiRTA – the process

  • Audit, further investigations, and choosing ‘low hanging’ and instant projects
  • Planning the boost & transformation
  • Choosing the strategy & designing the roadmap
  • Execution and follow-up


Each of the four phases is valuable in itself, providing concrete benefits. Thus the process can be performed easily one phase at a time. DigiRTA is focused; it is used with each product/concept/idea separately, not with the whole business at once. The combination of our strategy design capabilities, Design Thinking Methodology, and our rapid prototyping approach via our developer eco-system allows us to team with our clients for fast deployment of digital businesses or digitized product and service offerings.[/ut_alert] [/ut_toggle] [ut_togglegroup] [/ut_one_half_last] [/ut_tab] [/ut_tabgroup]